Tuesday Newsday – Sleepy Can Equal Hungry

July 5th, 2011

I ate a bag of potato chips last night. The entire bag. Not proud. Not pleased. I was at the time I was eating them though.

“Look at me! I can eat an entire bag.” = pride

“These are so good!” = pleased

Turns out it might be because I was exhausted. A new study shows that sleepy can lead to high-calorie foods. Oops.

People who are sleepy by day may be unable to resist calorie-laden comfort foods, new research shows. The findings, slated for presentation Monday at a meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies in Minneapolis, Minn., add to a growing body of research linking lack of sleep to weight gain and obesity. In the new study of 12 adults aged 19 to 45, people who were sleepy during the daytime showed decreased activation in the part of their brain that inhibits behavior (prefrontal cortex) when they were shown photos of high-calorie foods such as hamburgers, French fries, pizza, cakes and ice cream, compared with images of low-calorie, healthier foods. Read more…

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