Tuesday Newsday – What’s Your Maiden Name Worth?

May 3rd, 2011

When I got married, it was just assumed I wouldn’t take my husband’s last name. Not that I have a problem with Jinglehimershmit…just kidding, honey.

I didn’t take his perfectly lovely Scottish last name because it would separate me from my 20 years of bylines under my own perfectly lovely last name. People know me professionally as Cheryl Fenton. Not Cheryl Jinglehimershmit. Just kidding again, honey. Love you. Mean it.

According to a Dutch study, I made a wise decision. And a lucrative one.

Forget about cash-stuffed wedding envelopes. A Dutch study suggests a way for brides to pick up an extra half million dollars by doing nothing–specifically, by not changing their names. Women who kept their maiden names were judged to be more professional than married-name doppelgangers and proved more likely to win a job, according to the research. They also attracted higher pay. Read more…

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One Response to “Tuesday Newsday – What’s Your Maiden Name Worth?”

  1. Whitney says:

    most people I work with don’t know that I don’t go by my maiden name. the study is entirely predicated on that knowledge. but it is interesting to see how people react when they do know.

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