Sunday Savers – Save the Chill w/ Spring Jackets

May 15th, 2011

You would think that I would be singing the praises of spring right now…the sun, the birds, the bees, the flowers. Maybe I’ve even gotten a sunburn. Who knows?

Nope. All I can do is whine that it’s been below 60 degrees for what seems like seasons. Luckily, over my spring dresses (and yes, I’m still wearing tights…damnit it all to hell) go some pretty sweet spring jackets.

Here are some tips on how every body rock the crop. Especially if you’re dealing with April showers that have turned into May showers that had better not be June showers if they know what’s good for them.

Top Shop

If you’re boy-shaped, hang this in your closet: Choose a classic cropped jacket with fun details like bright colors, decorative details like zippers, shimmer. Anything to break up your straight-up-and-down figure to fake a waist. Or go in the other direction from darling and choose a manly double-breasted military to add some body to your body.


If you’re petite, hang this in your closet: No need to look like mama gave you her coat when the chilly wind started to blow. Look for coats with narrow sleeves and high armholes to get the right fit.

Rag & Bone Leina Jacket

If you’re plus-sized, hang this in your closet: Believe it or not, a little bell in the bottom will help hide yours by making your waist look narrow and provide tummy coverage. Make sure whatever jacket you wear hits above the widest part of your body—the dreaded upper thigh zone.

Tibi Basket Weave

If you’re pear shape, hang this in your closet: Draw attention upward and away from the trouble spots with a jacket in crazy patterns or bright colors. I love that orange is huge right now, because when paired with a nice neutral or brown bottom, it really pops.

So yes, I’m still whining about the weather. We have rain in the forecast all week too. Let’s hope against hope for no June gloom, shall we?

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