Tuesday Newsday – Oscar Fashion Wrap-up

March 1st, 2011

Lots of nude colors. Lots of pale no-one-needs-to-wear-this bland (why was Michelle Williams one color from head-to-toe and can someone please give the gilded Gwyneth a straightening iron intervention).

And then Cate Blanchette. Weird internal struggle I had with her Givenchy Haute Couture. TrĂ©s bipolar. Hated it. Why the Amish apron boob bull’s eye and the strange dot ice cream beading? Makes me nauseous. Wait, now I don’t mind it. Now I like it. Now I love it. Want to own it and wearing it all the time, even house cleaning. Minus the sleeves. I would have cut off the sleeves.

So here’s what we all want after The Oscars (you know, besides three hours of our lives back). A wrap of who did it right. And then who did it wrong.

Who were your picks for both?

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