Sunday Savers – Save Things from Stubborn Stickers

February 27th, 2011

A toned pair of legs, a sexy pair of heels, a short skirt. She goes to uncross-and-recross her legs and BAM! There’s a price sticker from Marshall’s on the bottom of her shoe. This vision of loveliness with her fashionista style and grace has now become a sale-chasing $29.95 price grabber. Aaaaaaaand…cut. Scene. It’s a rap.

Seriously, why do store price stickers take an act of God to get rid of. They really want us (and everyone else) to know…and subsequently remember forever because the damn things never come off…how much we paid. Do you know how many photo frames we have with the price sticker plastered over someone’s face?

So are some quick tips on getting rid of those things that seem to stick around forever:

  • If you want to leave the stinky GoofOff to the goofs, another cheap, easy, non-toxic way for nonporous (glass) and semiporous (plastic) surface is vegetable oil. Just dab a cotton ball in, swab over the residue and the glue should  dissolve. Then you can peel it off with soap and water.
  • Removing stickers from porous material (like paper, bare wood, leather…think of those DSW stickers on your shoes) can be tricky. Grab your hair dryer and aim it at the sticker from a few inches away. As the glue warms, it will be easier to rub off with a soft tool so as not to scratch the surface.
  • If the sticker is still hanging on to the porous piece, you might need to pull out the big guns. Adhesive-removal products with the organic compound heptane can be found at hardware stores. Instead of breaking down the glue, the molecules work their way between the adhesive and material, separating but not dissolving them. While cleaning off the item, you can channel your inner CSI investigator, since this is how forensic scientists unstick duct tape, preserving fingerprints on the adhesive side.
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