Sunday Savers – Save the Roots with Ombré Hair Trend

October 10th, 2010

Back in the day we called it “roots.” Now they call it “ombré” and it’s the latest hair trend for fall.

It’s actually perfect for everyone — For the on-the-go fashionista as well as the recessionista. All you have to do is basically let your hair grow out from the summer hightlights. No cost or time spent at the salon. That’s easy enough. And the graduated color change, from dark to light, brings a lot of warmth to your face.

If you’re into the DIY, here’s how to ombré up with at-home hair color kits:

“Simply choose from a color that’s one shade darker than your natural hair color,” says celebrity hairstylist Umberto Savone of Umberto Salon in Beverly Hills. “Concentrate on coloring just the roots of your hair, then, using a small brush lightly swipe the color down the strands of your hair to ensure a gradual, lighter color change.”

The best thing, according to Umberto? “No touch-ups! With this trend, you can put your hair allowance towards those suede boots you’ve been eyeing this season!”

I wish I could wear this trend because it’s seriously growing on me. But alas, if I let my roots go, I would look more Cruella Deville than Drew.

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