Tuesdays Newsday – Food Lies Your Parents Told You

September 14th, 2010

I always love to read what grownups remember their parents saying to them during childhood. Food fibs are probably one of the biggest ones. I remember dad saying my eyes would be fantastic if I munched on carrots. I have 20-275 vision. Guess I needed more carrots.

Here are some of the best food fibs from CNN’s eatocracy, along with some great food myths debunked.

Good grief, did your parents tell you the darndest things. Yeah, it’s out of love, but wow, Mom and Dad, are your pants are on fire! We’ve amassed a few of the over 500 food fallacies below, but first, a few mealtime myth busters. Read more…

Did your parents tell you something that wasn’t true to get you to eat something? Have you done that with your child?

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