Sunday Savers – Quick DIY Temple Massage

August 8th, 2010

That’s where I hurt. Yep. That entire area. Throbbing. Why wouldn’t it be? An exciting weekend in NYC for Blogher 10—seminars, parties, elevator pitches, what to wear/what not to wear. I won’t lie. There were cocktails. A weekend bookended by five-hour rides with a three-year-old. Craziness may have ensued throughout the weekend during at least one point, causing me to tense up a snick.

So, thank you Michael Moore, owner of Moore Massage, for this quick DIY Temple Massage:

Self temple massage is key to a quick fix stress reliever.  First of all, when you have a temple headache it’s normally caused by stressing out and clenching your jaw.

When massaging your temple remember to incorporate relaxing your jaw, allowing it to hang on its hinges. Take the flat of your hands and softly apply static pressure (no circular motions yet – we’re assessing our own muscle tension to target the fibers that are the major culprit in this stressful moment.) Press, hang the jaw or better yet, open it gently to stretch out the temporalis/masseter.  Once the tender spots are found, gently rub your head with both hands. Rhythmically go in counter-clockwise as you open and close your jaw.  this movement creates greater range of motion in the TMJ (temporal mandibular joint) thus relieving tension headache or fatigue.

If you find you need more depth, use the flat of your thumb and find the tender fibers and apply circular motion in either direction. If still that’s not quite getting to it, by all means, cautiously, use your fingertips or thumb tips to press along the zygomatic arch (bony landmark that goes from your eye to your ear canal) and press along its sides, opening and closing the jaw.

Remember to always make nice with your muscle tissue and gently apply Swedish massage strokes to increase the circulation and relaxation of the muscles of the skull.

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