Fab Fridays – Quick Root Touch-ups

June 18th, 2010

My daughter and I just planted a nice little row of veggies in our backyard (I’m assuming they’re still there after the torrential downpours we’ve had). As she tenderly held up the lovely little adolescent plants before putting into the ground, something dawned on me…when was the last time I got my roots done? You would think a woman who has been dyeing her hair for over 15 years (my secret’s out) would keep on top of this.

After washing off my kid’s hands, face, nails, arms, feet, putting her clothes in the wash, new clothes on, sweeping up the floor, what does the puppy have in her mouth, throwing the rock the puppy was chewing on outside…I was able to stop by the mirror. It’s like tree rings…you can tell how long the time between salon visits by the 1/4 inch thick bands of gray along my temples. Apparently, I hadn’t been in a while.

Not a free afternoon in sight for a colorist trip, I needed something fast. Here’s what helped…

The Eyes Have It

Taupe or brown eyeshadow (cream-to-powder formulas work best when applied with a QTip), mascara, even tinted eyebrow gel will all work to hide roots and touch up grays until you wash them out.

Loosen Up, Baby

Bangs, waves, layers and a messy part will help camouflage roots, whereas stick straight styles (side parts or ponytails) scream “look at me!”


Never underestimate the power of a headband or scarf for when roots are more than an inch long and dyeing isn’t a quick option. Position scarves at the hairline, letting the ties hang below your pony.

Magic Markers

Put down the Sharpie and pay attention. Semi-permanent pens work wonders to temporarily cover grays. Brush the tips over your hair, then blow-dry. The pigments seal and blend in beautifully. Try: Oscar Blandi Pronto Colore Root Touch-Up & Highlighting Pen, TOUCHBACK Instant Gray Root Touch up Real Hair Color in a Marker

Power Powder

This isn’t the first time I’ve extolled the benefits of hair powder. Dust onto roots for a temporary solution until the next time you wash. Try: Bumble And Bumble Brown Hair Powder

When did you discover your first gray and how did you feel about it? Leave me a comment below.

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