Sunday Savers – Save Your Suitcase

March 21st, 2010

I’m not 21 anymore. I know. Didn’t see that one coming, did you? Well, here’s another shocker. Going on “Spring Break” might kill me. Late-night dance parties. Drinking. Late-night dance parties with drinking. I get tired just thinking about it.

But that doesn’t mean the fam and I aren’t going somewhere for our own spring break. Even we old people have to get outta Dodge when the winter months seem endless. We are. And this means…(queue dramatic music)…I have to pack.

The thought of packing used to drive me to drink…and occasionally hit a late-night dance party…but these days I prefer the calm approach. Here are some quick tips on packing without chaos, wrinkles or suitcase-induced shots.

  • Roll your clothes. Two-fold reasoning: Saves space and reduces wrinkles. Think jelly roll.
  • Stick things inside shoes–socks, rolled up belts, bags of jewels. Whatever you’re taking that can fill up space.
  • Use every single one of those suitcase pockets. But don’t be stupid about it. Don’t put underwear in the outside ones unless you want your unmentionables mentioned by Airport Security.
  • Put liquids like shampoo, conditioner, etc. in Ziploc bags. Because lather-rinse-repeat shouldn’t involve your silk sundress.
  • Pack shoes in bags to prevent dirt from rubbing off onto your clothes. Choose felt (bags not shoes) so your shoe leather isn’t scratched.
  • Before packing, button up all buttons (no popping) and zip up all zippers (no scratching or ripping other items).
  • To minimize creasing, turn jackets and dresses inside out. Don’t forget to return to normal status before wearing. Trust me. This requires mentioning. You’ll thank me.
  • If you have silk or crepe materials, line them with tissue paper to minimize creases.
  • Layer the inside of your suitcase like a club sandwich. If you have really heavy stuff like boots or tour books, put them in first. The second layer should be any clothing that you didn’t roll (like jeans or sweats). Now place your rolled clothes around the corners and in open spaces.

I also found a great clip during which Japanese Vogue Fashion Director Anna Dello Russo teaches you how to pack…you know, for when you simply must pack all your couture in one small bag as you jet set to Paris.


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