My Hat's Off to You

January 13th, 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier

Maybe it’s the way I stroll slowly through the hat department, longing for something new. Perhaps it’s how I lovingly lift my grandmother’s fine vintage examples out of their boxes, eager to mix them with the latest style. Or the way my hat shelf is brimming with berets, Trilbys, bakerboy caps, fur hats, etc.

Why am I always trying to cover my hair? Seriously. The reason…I have no follow through. Outfit, check. Makeup, check. Hair…oh, let’s wear a hat, shall we?

My do is usually a don’t, I won’t lie. It’s the last thing I deal with. I usually end up doing a pony tail (although it’s a perfect one).

But there’s no real reason to have a messy mane. Here are a few mother’s little hair helpers.

Hair Powder

Nothing says you’ve showered and you’re ready to go like…well…a shower. But you don’t always have time for that, now do you. But as we’ve heard, it’s not that great to wash your hair every day anyway (a truism or an influential lazy person’s attempt to be chic, you decide). Enter hair powders, clever little puffs of oil-absorbing loveliness. The concept has been around for hundreds of years—putting powder on the roots of your oily hair and brushing it through. I happen to love Bumble & Bumble’s more recent creation.
If you don’t have any powder specifically for hair, create your own. Using a big face powder brush, dip it into your loose facial powder. Tap the brush handle on the counter, then dab powder lightly on your roots Fluff with your fingers lightly. Ouila! How Marie Antoinette of you.

Root Touch-up Kits

I have gray. Real gray. Not the occasional gray hair that the drama queen pulls out and then calls all her friends, asking them whether she’s losing her youth. No. Gray. Ribbons of gray when I get lazy and don’t get my roots down. And it never fails. I’m about ready to go somewhere, I pull my hair back from my face for makeup, and BAM! Gray. Since I’m not on speed-dial/house call status with any stylists, I’ve been known to take things into my own hands. Root touch-up kits can be temporary or permanent, markers (warning: don’t let your little one watch you draw on your hair. I found this out the hard way) or paint-on formulas. Two to check out: Clairol Nice’n Easy Root Touch-Up and Oscar Blandi Hair Pens.


Don’t steal them from your little girl. Go get your own. And don’t think Hillary Clinton, when you do. With today’s trends of feathers, bobbles and hand-wrapped satins, chic bands are fabulous ways to instantly dress up your look, control unruly hair out and even deal with bang growing pains. I’m in love with Bambako’s fun fashions, from dainty to chunky.

Will I let my hat fascination go? No. Do I secretly want to wear a big honkin’ brim at the Kentucky Derby? Yes. But in the meantime, I’m going to work on my follow-through. And if these tips help you on your own hair quest, well…my hat is off to you.

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