Lederhosen, Ribbons and Other Themes

December 27th, 2009

The other night, hubby and I plopped on the couch after putting our little one to bed and enjoying dinner together…as usual. We navigated all the channels…as usual. Nothing on…as usual. So we just sat there, watching House…as usual…(Is it just me, or is that show always on?)

This led me to take a look at this rut we were in. Every night, same thing. Trés “Groundhog Day.” Daughter to bed, dinner, dishes, TV, bed. To keep it exciting, sometimes we have dinner before she goes to bed. We’re crazy like that.

I came up with this idea of how we could do things together, while also getting things done. Fun and function? Say it isn’t so.

We gave each night of the week a theme. I don’t mean wear-your-favorite-lederhosen or ribbons-and-bows night (although these do sound intriguing). By themes I mean, personal, business, fun, etc.

I know. Schedules take spontaneity out of life. I say this…you can be inspired to be impulsive at any given time. No matter what you’re doing. But in our world of a tiring kid, work and such, the spontaneous things have more of a chance of fighting through the muck if all the must-do things are done.

Here’s our week. Mix and match to fit your own household’s needs.

Monday House Business Night: Our time to tackle that nasty to-do list—what around the house needs a little attention. Cleaning, check. Bills, check check. And since girls are just as good as boys when it comes to fixing stuff, we attack home repair together.

Tuesday Personal Business Night: Curling up together to read. Putting on music and doing a little work on our laptops. Maybe he needs to clean out the garage, and I…well…I need to paint my toes and do a face mask. Whatever we have to do for our own individual lives, this is our night to do it.

Wednesday Date Night: As much as I love seeing and being seen in a hip hot spot, I’m not a big crowd person. A mid-week date night ensures a quiet table for two in a dark corner (no reservations necessary) and no more vying for a babysitter’s coveted weekend hours.

Thursday Movie Night: We exclaimed to whomever would listen (our dog) that having a child wouldn’t affect our love of seeing movies. Although we’ve traded in theaters for On Demand and Netflix, enjoying movies together is still a major part of our relationship. And if there isn’t a red envelope in our mailbox that night, we watch our favorite DVRed shows from that week.

Friday Learning Night: Occasionally we need to shake things up a bit (no, this isn’t where the ribbons-and-bows night comes into play either). This might mean giving music from a new band a listen. Watching a Discovery Channel program about dinosaurs. Discovering a new IPhone app. Whatever. Not-really-that-old dogs, new tricks.

Saturday Wii Night: Nothing says “love” like kicking the crap out of your sweetie in boxing. Or showing him that you’re certainly not the weaker sex, since your alternate side lunges are clearly superior to his.

Sunday Movie Night: And on the seventh day, we rest. Lather, rinse, repeat with yet another movie night.

Seven nights, six different ways to enjoy them. Stuff gets done. We’re together. This is the end of the story.

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One Response to “Lederhosen, Ribbons and Other Themes”

  1. Mary says:

    I love the idea of this schedule, we don’t have good discipline during the week. We set aside one night a week for dinner with Family, one night a month for date night (out) and two nights a month for random socializing.

    I’m currently in the process of painting an enormous magnetic chalkboard on my kitchen wall, which I’m hoping will assist in keeping us on top of long-term goals as well as our short term schedules.

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