Enter the season of sniffle. All around you are danger zones…where every single cough could lead to a week in bed. Short of putting my family in a Hazmat suit (does Nanette Lepore make one, cuz I’d buy it), I’m always looking for ways to boost our bodies against germs. I mean, a mom can’t really hook her kid up to a OJ drip…can she? Wait. Can I?

According to Licensed Acupuncturist Jessica L. Molleur at Boston’s OMBE, staying healthy isn’t that hard…Here are her top 5 ways to boost your  immune system:
1.    Take a probiotic: found in most health stores.
2.    Exercise moderately: 30-45 minutes each day to optimize your immune system.
3.    Sip raw ginger tea: Squeeze ginger juice into a warm cup of tea every day
4.    Sleep: 7-8 hours each night for best results
5.    Make your plate look like a rainbow: Choose foods of color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue/purple) and include them in your diet every day

Photo credit: Jeroen van Oostrom