To set the record straight, my content isn’t for sale. If I write about a product it’s because I’ve tried it and loved it. Or I tried it and threw it into the trash immediately. Either way, no one paid me to do either of these things.

After being in the beauty industry for almost 20 years, it’s true…I do receive products. Usually these come to me before they’re available to you. Being in-the-know allows me to let you know to be on the lookout for something amazing. Once again, this makes thing Easy Peasy for you. I save you time on looking for the good, avoiding the bad, and forgetting the ugly. But getting these products doesn’t mean I’m going to write favorably about them, unless they warrant it.

If there’s a paid ad on this site, you’ll know it. It’s because it will be just that…an ad.

So are we clear? Good. Now let’s get back to business.