I hate carrying around tons of business cards. It’s just a pain. Mostly because this amazing business card holder that hubs bought me (sporting the creepy art work of Caia Coopman…yes, I enjoy scaring potential clients and new friends) only fits my license, bank card, money and two  business cards. OK, apparently I’ve misplaced the true meaning of “business card holder” in that story. But you get the point. They can get cumbersome.

Active moms, businesswoman, both of you groups…gather ’round. And get out your 10 spot. You’re going to want to buy this. I have alleviated this problem, my lovelies. Using the latest craze of the QR code (that little square you see everywhere now), Skanz are the coolest thing since sliced business cards.

OK, they aren’t uber-fashionable, but damn if they aren’t the easiest thing. These cute little rubber bands can get all your info across, link to your social network, share photos, etc. Someone just has to scan the Skanz bracelet code with their smartphone and it’s all there.

No more fumbling for a business card for a potential client or finding a pen/paper for a new friend at school pickup. Buy the bracelet for $9.99 and put all your 411 on the scan code (email, phone, FB, Twitter ID, as much or as little as you think they would want to share).