Tuesday Newsday – My Missoni Score at Target and A New Mr. Rogers

September 13th, 2011

* Breaking News: Missoni crowd has broken Target.com. The website is down. The people have spoken. *

First news of the day, just got back from the insanity of Missoni at Target. I did quite well, despite being actually beaten to the store (I got there five minutes after it opened) by crazy bitch hoarding whores, one of whom was going to “sell all this shit on ebay and pay for my wedding”…ok, sweetie. Your fiancĂ© has a keeper, now don’t he.

Anyway, here’s my loot…Hubs got scarf, sweater, tie…child got leggings (potentially too small) and a cute sweater…I got…well, a few more things than they did. Call it a handling fee.

Onto other news…Mr. Rogers…

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood–I never really “got it”. There was a little kitten puppet, a mailman, a sweater (not a Missoni one, I’m guessing). As a child, I didn’t really watch it. But that being said, I can send it some serious respect as a parent. Looking back, it was a gentle learning experience for kids. In other words, it wasn’t the screaming Electric Company. It wasn’t the violent Tom & Jerry. It was a kind man and a wonderful way to learn and grow your imagination. Quite frankly, I was odd girl out cuz all my friends watched it.

When I saw they were bringing it back in a different form, that made me smile. The only thing that made me sad was that the show will only reach preschoolers. Even though they acknowledge how amazing it was that different ages could watch Fred Rogers and get something out of the show. But this new show will only be for tiny tots. Mostly because the producers claim that with several channels and several shows now available, kids have choices for their age. Whereas when I was small, there were only three TV channels. Touché. Well, at least the tiger still appears to have a sweater.

Mister Rogers’ neighborhood is being taken over by a tiger – a tiny Daniel Tiger, to be exact. PBS announced over the weekend at the Television Critics Association press tour that the network is revisiting the beloved children’s show “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” with a new animated program. This series incorporates the original “Mister Rogers” characters as adults with young kids of their own living in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. Read more…

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