Fab Fridays – Faster Iphone

September 23rd, 2011

There’s nothing less fabulous about having split-second photo opp but waiting for your Iphone camera to open.

When this happened to me for the 150,657th time, I have to say I almost bought a Blackberry (mea culpa, Mr. Jobs, I was just kidding). Until my geeky-in-a-sexy-way husband told me about a quick thing to do to reset the memory of my iPhone.

Apparently when it opens an application, it keeps it open. That’s right. Your Iphone is a hoarder. Which means that your memory is being eaten up unless you close those apps. How does one do this? Easy peasy…

Doubleclick on the main faceplate button. You’ll see the bar across the bottom with app symbols. Hold down on one until you see the little negative signs. Tap on the negatives to close the apps. If you’re like me, someone who has never done this, you will have about 452 to scroll through from left to right. Once I did this, my usable memory went from 4.56MB to 165.7MB.

Now I can quickly snap a photo, something very helpful since Boston Fashion Week starts tonight.

Sorry Blackberry.

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One Response to “Fab Fridays – Faster Iphone”

  1. That was an interesting blog – learned lots – thanks! Daphne

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