Fab Friday – Rocking White After Labor Day

September 2nd, 2011

Brought to my attention yesterday was how many white pants/dresses have been out and about lately. It’s like everyone is taking their faves for one last spin before the witching hours of whites…Labor Day. The page on the calendar where all good whites go to die.

Here’s my dilemma. I just bought the most beautiful dress (above…swoon…and it has pockets!) at Suneri (If you’re near Somerville’s Davis Square, go here. That is all). Is this considered white even though it has flowers? Am I going to have to spend the next eight months admiring it from afar?

So I went searching for answers…asking friends, bugging stylists. Everyone said the same thing. Wear it. (*applause*) But don’t grab your flimsy white summer dresses go frolicking, as you sing-song, “Easy Peasy told me I could wear this until mid-December.”  Patience, my pretties. There are rules to breaking the rules.

  • White can’t be light in the fall and winter. So into the back of the closet go: white linen, tissue-thin cotton, sheer flowy fabrics.
  • Bring to the front of the closet: crisp white shirts, heavier gauge materials like white wool or cashmere, white sweaters, jeans, coats, etc. Luckily, the dress I bought is a heavy almost grosgrain-like silk (I’m not on Project Runway…I don’t know what these fabrics are called.)
  • Layer your whites with other fall items—jackets, boots, etc. In just a few weeks I’ll be wearing this dress with the cropped black Theory military jacket and black Boutique 9 bandage booties to a Boston Fashion Week event. Trust me. If I wasn’t sure this styling was OK, this would be the last place I would wear it. The eyes. They judge.
  • If you’re choosing a white coat, it needs some structure and to be worn with darker colors (like a dark top or turtleneck). When winter is upon us, dare the all-white look, but go with a more wintery white (a creamy version in wool or cashmere) in a pant and sweater.
  • Things to avoid forever, I don’t care what season it is: white hose, white shoes, white leather (unless you’re going to an ‘80s party).
  • Although it might seem counterproductive, don’t wear white underwear under white. Nude is better because it will blend with your skin and almost disappear.

So what do you think? Will you be wearing white after Labor Day?

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