Tuesday Newsday – Finding the Right Doggy Playdates

July 18th, 2011

We recently left our little pup (OK…not so little…she’s 55 lbs) at a kennel overnight for the first time. Five entire days while we were in Canada.

She certainly wasn’t in a four-by-four foot pen for four footers. Not our princess. She got the “stay and play” option…a beefed up version of her usual doggy day camp. She plays in a huge wooded area with other dogs for seven hours a day.

We just picked her up. She’s super skinny from all the fun and she slept non-stop for 24 hours. On second thought, maybe I should go to a doggy day care. Could use a quick diet plan and some uninterrupted rest time.

Here’s a great piece I found that gives a few hints on choosing the right doggy day camp. Is your pooch ready?

Picking up my nephew up from his day care recently, I was reminded of the odd similarities between day care for kids and facilities for our four-legged friends. On that day, a gaggle of toddlers greeted me. After a day of coloring, noshing and napping, they looked eager to escape the confines of their classroom walls. As I lifted my nephew, I noticed a dash of something yellow crusted on his T-shirt and sticky dots of fruit punch along his right ear. Hanging out with his buds at day care definitely leaves a mark. It’s not so different from the scene at my dog Lulu’s day care facility. Dogs spend the day hanging out with their buddies and, occasionally, look a little different during checkout. Read more…

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