Sunday Savers – Tips to Save Speaking in a Foreign Land

June 26th, 2011

The last time I was in Quebec City, I have a fond memory of my dad stumbling through “où sont les toilettes”…he was looking for the bathroom…the gas station guy was looking for my dad to have a better grasp of the language. OK, yes…they speak English there…but when in Canada, be French Canadian yes?

We’re going again next month. To Quebec City, that is. Although I’m pretty sure the bathroom is in our future a few times during the five-hour car ride.

I found this great page hidden among the travel site for Austin Lehman Adventures. It has simple language tips in five common languages (French, Italian, Spanish, German and Dutch). It’s a handy little guide with phrases like “Do you have a menu in English?”, “How much is it?”, etc.

There’s also “I drank too much, can you call a taxi?”…but really when has that ever happened to you on vacation. Achem. Moving on.

One of my favorite parts is the Etiquette sections—what not to say, what gestures to avoid, even how many courses to order at a meal. That way you don’t look like a shmo or a stupid American.

So happy summer vacation wherever your travels take you! Where are you going this season?

Photo credit: digitalart

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