Sugar for Healing Burns

June 30th, 2011

Driving up to Maine this weekend (a glorious weekend at Migis Lodge in South Casco…right on Sebago Lake…more about this later), we stopped at this cute little antique shop called The Red Slipper. The gentleman is at the front, I’m guessing the owner, made a comment about the size of my purse. Yes, it is big. It’s BCBG-B-I-G. We laughed about it, but I mentioned that if my daughter ever had a bee sting, a stain, a boring moment, a hair issue, etc, I’ve got it covered.

Then he surprised me…he told me to carry sugar packets. Thanks, guy, I thought to myself. That’s the last thing I need…a kid hopped up on pure sugar. I mean, I can get her to a snack bar for real food if need be, ya know.

As it turns out, he meant for burns. His mom used to cover 1st degree burns with sugar. It took the sting right away.

Genius! Just last week, I was interview Alina and Lev (the founders of Fresh) for a piece I’m doing for Boston Common magazine. Alina had mentioned that that was the reasoning behind their sugar line…their moms from Ukraine and Russia used sugar for cuts, scrapes and burns.

So into my purse went a few packets. Guess I’ll put a few Splenda packets in there too. You know…for wayward pop-up cups of coffee.

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