Leave Out the Leave In – Conditioning Summer Hair

June 16th, 2011

First off, MAJOR congrats to the Bruins for winning the Stanley Cup for the first time since 1972! Secondly, trashing your city over a game is stupid, Canuck fans.

And onto the show…

One of my favorite salon owners, Nicholas Penna, Jr. of Salon Capri (who just became a new dad!) has some great summer hair tips. And they involve tossing your leave-in conditioner to the curb. Actually, no need to be so violent. Just lightly place it under the cabinet until winter time.

Instead of trying to rehab dry, damaged summer locks, Nick suggests leaving out your leave-in conditioner, and leaving in your every day conditioner as a wallet-friendly alternative to salon treatments and additional products.

•    Wash your hair.  After rinsing out your shampoo, thoroughly massage a quarter-sized amount of conditioner into your wet locks.
•    Use a comb to evenly distribute the conditioner, detangling your mane and removing any excess water.  Resist the urge to rinse!

The best time to do this is before…
•    Going to bed: Wrap your wet, conditioned hair in a hand towel and fasten with an elastic.  Let your hair rehab over night and absorb all the moisturizing agents of the conditioner.  In the morning, give yourself a fabulous blow dry with a round brush—Nick guarantees that you’re ‘do will be full of body, shine and irresistible softness.
•    Going to the gym: Twist your hair into a high bun, and secure with a thick elastic.  Throw on a cute, sporty headband a la Olivia Newton John to keep sweat out of your eyes.  Soaking your strands with conditioner will help reduce the amount of salty sweat absorbed by your hair follicles, not to mention, the sleek look says you mean business.  “This is a great way to fit in an intense condition on a tight schedule—plus it helps keep any fly-aways out of your face while you’re working out,” Nick points out.
•    Going to work: Need to look extra fierce at a big meeting?  Comb your hair back into a low pony or side chignon.  You’ll look tough while working on getting softer, smoother locks! But make sure that it’s dry before you step up to the podium. The wet look circa 1982 won’t fly.
•    Going to the beach: Braid up your strands into a compact plait.  “This will help retain moisture and prevent your hair from soaking up the harmful properties of the sun and water,” says Nick. As the hot summer sun beats down, causing you to retreat to the pool or ocean for frequent cool-down dips, your strands will be prepared.

What’s your favorite conditioner to use in the summer time?

Photo credit: Salvatore Vuono

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