Tuesday Newsday – Dumb SmartPhone Distractions

June 21st, 2011

Sorry…did you say something? I wasn’t paying attention…I was checking the weather/PopSugar/Facebook/Twitter/my work email/my personal email/texts/my calendar…No, my daughter isn’t supposed to be baking a cake. She’s four. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll tell her to stop. In a minute…I just got a text…

“Mama, put the phone AWAY.” That’s my kid talking to me, and she’s only 3. She’s scolding me, but she’s scolding you, too. So listen up. I understand your work pays the bills and you only have time to connect to people through Tweeting your mood or reading your cousin’s latest Facebook update. I really do get it. My phone is wearing holes in my favorite jeans. As for me, I’m afraid a boss may accuse me of failing utterly in my latest project if I don’t respond to her e-mail immediately. I also read the newspaper on my phone when I’m too sleepy to find my shoes to go outside and get the real thing. And I get into the Twitter discussion of the latest natural disaster, of which there are many these days. Read more…

Are you a distracted parent or spouse? Yes, I’m talking to you. Put down your phone and leave a comment…

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