Tuesday Newsday – Do Men Hate Our Makeup Trends?

May 24th, 2011

Here’s an interesting take on whether men really catching what we’re throwing at them…

Neon lips, blue eyeshadow, shimmering glitter, and golden bronzers: This spring, some of the most dramatic looks we saw on the runways are making their way onto our faces. But not everything we dabble on pleases everyone. We had a hunch that some of our biggest beauty obsessions might be turn-offs for guys…so we went ahead asked. Prepare yourself: brutal honesty ensues. Read more…

I asked my husband to say the first phrase that came to mind when I mentioned each of those makeup methods to me. Here’s what he came up with:

heavy foundation and powder: an old woman

bumps: he had no idea what this was…So I mentioned Snookie…he still had no idea…God, I love that man.

neon lipstick: ’80s

too thin eyebrows:  creepy

bold eyeshadow: cheesy ’80s (as compared to just the regular ‘80s, I guess)

rosy cheeks: nerd (he meant someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing)

two-toned lips: goth chicks

glitter: low class

What would your man say?

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