Fab Friday – Fab Shadow in Seven Steps

May 20th, 2011

I took my daughter to a birthday party this past weekend. It was the first “girly girl” party we’ve ever been to. I mean…girly…GIRLLL. It was at one of those indoor play spaces, so they got their run on and then they put their makeup on. Hey, just like a grownup gym.

There they were…12 four-year-old girls…in a bright Pepto-Bismol pink room, wearing Betsey Johnson-esque neon hair extensions, makeup palettes at the ready, nail polish the next step. Shoot me. If it is the End of Days tomorrow, I should get extra points for this, right?

Actually it was really cute. Barring dance recitals or Halloween, our daughter won’t wear makeup until she’s 14…we have rules, right mom? So this was a fun dress-up time for her and for me. After she has a go at it (read: circa 1982 color blocking on her lids), she asked for my help.

Then something interesting happened. I found myself actually applying makeup to her. As if she was going out somewhere. I couldn’t help myself. Pretty soon all the moms were asking me how I was able to shade the bright pink and baby bird blue so nicely. Then it became a makeup lesson for the ladies.

Here’s what I told them–7 easy steps for stunning eyes:

  1. Sweep a medium matte shade onto the lid.
  2. Line pencil around both upper and lower lashes, close to the lash line.
  3. Blend dark matte shade onto crease.
  4. Apply light matte shade onto brow bone.
  5. For a more dramatic look – layer a medium effect shade onto lid.
  6. Blend dark shade in the outer corner of the crease.
  7. Apply light shade to the inner corner of the eyes.

Rock on, little ones. Don’t grow up too fast. And when you do, please leave the blocks for the little kids. Blend, my pets. Blend.

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