Quick Tip for a Thicker Lash Line – Line Your Upper Inner Eye

May 19th, 2011

Another cycle of ANTM is done. Spoiler…in 3…2…1…

Brittani won. Even though there was a freak out, a wipe out and constant get-the-tissues-out. Either way, good for her.

One photo that she took reminded me of an excellent quick tip on lining your eyes.

When I had my makeup done by Boston’s own Dani Wagener for a headshot, she pulled out my eyelid and lined my upper inner eye. Exactly what the artist is doing to Brittani in the photo above. It felt bizarre, but the difference was amazing. It created a natural-looking thicker lash line in seconds, all without gooping on a ton of eyeliner on my lid.

Note: When you do this, be careful to pull your lid out far enough so you’re in no danger of scraping your eye with the pencil. Obviously, don’t do this with liquid liner either.

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