Cinco de Mayo, Canadians and Shaving

May 5th, 2011

First off, Happy Cinco de Mayo. Everyone have a margarita and a taquito for me tonight. I’ll be at a press dinner for the Canadian Tourism board. They serve lobster every year. Yes, on May 5 I’m going to be having crustacea with Canadians. Go figure. Moving on…

I have zero idea why this is happening to me but…I can’t shave anymore. Now relax. I’m not going all French Canadian or Madonna circa 1982. This story has a happy (and hairless) ending.

Ever since I had the baby (yes, I’m using mother guilt on my child for a beauty issue…since I didn’t get stretch marks, I might as well, right?), my skin has become extra sensitive. But only when it comes to shaving. I get streaks of red rash razor burn. And then come the itchy hives. I look like I have a disease. Not the best news at the beginning of spring, when hemlines start to crawl up.

The only thing that seems to work? Hair conditioner. Let me explain.

This is also a great quick tip when you’re on vaca and you forgot your shaving cream. Just slide on a thin layer of hair conditioner over your legs and its moisturizing ingredients should help the razor glide over your skin smoothly. It also helps avoid razor burn (my issue). You might call it my lucky star.

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