Tuesday Newsday – Top 10 Poisonous Plants for Dogs

April 5th, 2011

I always get squidgy (yes, I made up a word) around Easter. And no, it’s not because I ate too many Cadbury Cream Eggs…which I do…Every. Year.

Nope. It’s for no other reason than the fact that I’m convinced that the Easter Lily our cat Mr. Quincy ate was the ultimate reason for his kidney failure. I had NO idea that these plants can do serious damage when munched upon by kitties. Sure, we brought him the ER ASAP, he had the charcoal and the flushing IV drip, but in the end (a year later in January 2010) the damage caught up to him.

What we have around the house…or even let fall on the floor while making dinner…might hurt our little furry friends. Here’s a great link to the Top 10 things that can hurt your dog…think grapes, walnuts and of course…lilies.

It’s often said that the way to a dog’s heart is through its stomach. That may be true, but the combination of a voracious appetite, natural curiosity and indiscriminate taste can lead to trouble for our canine companions. Plants that are poisonous to dogs can be found in our homes, our yards and in the wild, and sometimes all it takes is a little bite to lead to an emergency trip to the veterinarian. Read more…

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