Not So Fab Friday – A Gov’Ment Shutdown?

April 8th, 2011

They have a deadline of midnight tonight. And then, if they can’t reach an agreement, the U.S. government will just shut down. Just like they did in ‘95 and ‘96. Good night, ladies and germs. Elvis’s president has left the White House.

What the hell does “shut down” mean? I know what it means when it comes to laptops before taxiing down a runway, closing a bar after last call, what I do mentally when I’m in a Chuck E Cheese weekend birthday party.

Here’s how the government shutdown might affect you, from an article in the New York Times. We’ll see what happens…

The National Zoo would close, but the lions and tigers would get fed; Yellowstone and other national parks would shut down. The Internal Revenue Service could stop issuing refund checks. Customs and Border Patrol agents training officials in Afghanistan might have to come home. And thousands of government-issued BlackBerrys would go silent. This is what a government shutdown might look like. Read more…

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