Plume Crazy for Hair Feathers

March 27th, 2011

Yes, I have feathers in my hair, people. No, I’m not trying to be Stevie T. (the guy on American Idol who I used to know from Aerosmith). Nor am I channeling my inner Chicken Little.

A far cry from any “feathered” cuts or feathered roach clip nightmares of the ‘80s, this is the hottest craze in hair adornment. And I’m seriously in love.

These peek-a-boo pops of color and texture are 100% saddle feathers, those delicate airy feathers on the plume of a rooster’s tail. What the flock, right?

But with movements similar to hair, feathers are an easy complement to today’s earthy and undone dos. There’s no glue or bonding, just a small bead to tightly (but not painfully) clip a feather to your hair. Easy to maintain, feathers can be shampooed, conditioned, curled or straightened with heat styling tools, even put up in ponies. Just be mindful of where the hair and feathers connect. That’s it. That’s the one rule.

It’s as perm as you want. I like the sound of that because it’s…wait for it…easy. From a special event to the full six-week average hair feather lifespan, it’s completely up to you. Removing the feathers is even simple and safe, and doesn’t damage your locks.

Although it’s an easy-on, easy-off trend, don’t go off half-cocked. It might be temporary trimming, but for great style, put some thought into it. Do you want to go with a natural look (think reds and lighter browns for brunettes and silver or gold for blondes) or a bold statement of rainbow colors? My favorite are the zebra stripes (I have two above).

Another consideration is how many. For a small accent use a single bundle (usually around seven feathers) or up to 10 for a serious feather focal point. It’s tough with thich hair because one bundle does tend to disappear, so I might have gone with two, if I could turn back time.

Most salons carry feathers, but for the DIYers, check out, or the recently launched for tool kits and tons of color choices. Even the artistic go-to site is branching into the trend, with tons of handmade bundles.

So sit back and get your feathers ruffled. Or are you too chicken?

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One Response to “Plume Crazy for Hair Feathers”

  1. femmme says:

    What the Flock is right (lol!). Def too Chicken. The minute they said “toolkit” I was out. Very cute though. I have seen them around but now they have greater respect:)

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