Take Back the Grays with TouchBack

February 24th, 2011

My daughter loves the Pepé Le Pew story. She makes me tell it to her all the time. I spin the yarn of the misplaced white stripe on poor petite femme “skunk” (Penelope) and the overly hormonal Pepé seeking l’amour despite her screaming and running away.

I don’t even think they have that cartoon anywhere anymore, do they? Probably an affront to French people. Or it upset skunks or something. Touchy touchy.

I have my own synergy with skunks. No, people don’t usually run screaming from me (OK, they do sometimes). It’s my gray roots. And speaking of touchy, I found the easiest way to separate myself from these stinkers.

It’s called Touch Back. Busy people with grays, listen up. I know, I’ve spoken about quick ways to hide gray roots before. This new hair marker that boasts a thin formula and a thick slanted applicator for super easy and quick color jobs. And it washes out with the next shampoo.

This is also a great temporary way for blondes to ride the end of the ombré trend, with a little brown blast on the last three inches of their hair.

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