Sunday Savers – Save Your Earrings with Doilies

February 20th, 2011

Valentine’s Day is over. Then why do I still have a million of those little “be mine” cards (Scooby Doo to Tinkerbell), stickers with hearts, temporary tattoos of puppies, and chocolates all over my house. OK, I don’t mind the chocolates. But there are so many boxes of those damn conversation hearts, I’m about to spout off a few choice words.

One thing we also have everywhere…doilies. Those little paper ones. When did the season of smooch turn into one of so many dainty paper goods? Now why do I want to save these things? Stay tuned…

Ever get caught trying to put something of your child’s into the recycle bin or trash? I have. Two days ago. I was trying to toss these doilies  from some Valentine’s Day craft project. Screams ensued, and now all that preschool love is in the middle of my dining room table.

Sure, they make great snowflakes but you can only have so many on your window. I did find two things to do with them that actually make them less of a hassle and more of a help.

  • Take a doily and place it on top of a pancake. Sift powdered sugar over the top of it, remove gently, and ouila! You look like a master chef!
  • Keep track of your earrings when traveling by fastening them through the doily’s holes. Then lay the doily flat in your suitcase.
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