Tuesday Newsday – New Diet Pepsi Can Causes a Big Stir

February 15th, 2011

With links to strokes now, diet soda is getting a bad rap this week in health headlines. So how do you market something that may hurt people physically? In a can that messes with them emotionally, of course!

Here’s a controversy that I personally think is silly. But it might have some weight to it (pun intended). It’s the NY Fashion Week intro of the new Diet Pepsi can—so sleek, so chic, so eating disorder-esque?

There’s a different kind of controversy about the new Diet Pepsi, marketed in a slender, cylindrical can, which will make its debut at New York’s Mercedes-Benz Fall Fashion Week, which began Thursday.

This venue is “rife with eating disorders” said the National Eating Disorders association in a press release.

Pepsi refers to its new Skinny Can can as “taller,” “attractive,” and “stylish.”

“PepsiCo’s comments are both thoughtless and irresponsible,” said Lynn Grefe, the association’s president. “Their shameful misdirection is further exemplified by tying the launch of this offensive marketing campaign to Fashion Week, where women’s body types are atypical at best … and unhealthy as to be fatal at worst.” Read more…

Please leave me a comment below and let me know what you think about the new can? Just fine or just wrong?

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2 Responses to “Tuesday Newsday – New Diet Pepsi Can Causes a Big Stir”

  1. Jodi says:

    Both silly and wrong. It’s the Kate Moss of soda cans. Just needs smudgy liner and a pout now.

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