Sunday Savers – Save Your Tights/Socks with Sock/Tights

January 30th, 2011

I usually end up buying my boots a half-size bigger than I should. Why? Stupid socks.

I don socks over my already tights-clad feet to:

  1. Keep them warm.
  2. Keep the boots dry.
  3. And most importantly, keep the tights from snagging on the boot zippers.

So when a good friend (a fellow fashionista who could online power shop any of you under your laptop) told me about Bootights by Leg Up, I did a tiny jig. I was wearing kicky boots at the time, so I thought it apropos.

They’re socks and tights. The calf-length sock part keeps feet padded, moisture wicked and tights protected from boot zipper snags.

Now why the hell didn’t I invent these?

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One Response to “Sunday Savers – Save Your Tights/Socks with Sock/Tights”

  1. katt says:

    Bootights are the best. My sis turned me onto them even before Oprah made them a “must have” on her show. Super comfy sock portion keeps my feet warm and dry. Ditching those ugly gym socks makes me feel way more confident and lady like…..even when I’m not. Brilliant idea!

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