Sunday Savers – Save Those Sultry Cat Eyes

January 9th, 2011

I am obsessed with cat eyes. Not the freakish Cleopatra ones that some do (although I’m sure Cleo was a lovely lady, what with all the half-naked servant men worshiping her and all). But the thin black lines, swept close to the lash line and drawn up into just a tiny wing. Very striking and sexy.

There’s a cat-tastrophe in my beauty background. A fur pas, if you will. When I learned the lesson of waiting until the liquid liner is DRY before moving your eyes all around.

Thirty minutes into a recent cocktail party, I went to the bathroom to powder the nose when I realized the lovely black rainbow-shaped smudges running above my lids. Why no one told me, I have zero idea. Thanks everybody. Hope we eat spinach or poppy seeds together someday real soon.

A quick and easy way to set those cat eyes in seconds:

Flash your blowdryer over your eyelids to set your liquid eyeliner, especially cat eyes.

This quick zap of heat sets the liner perfectly, so you can apply your mascara without worrying about smudges. It really works. I’m not kitten…OK, that was bad.

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