Sunday Savers – Save Your Stance

January 16th, 2011

I’m usually hunched over something—a laptop, a giant princess floor puzzle, my ridiculous shoe collection. And let me tell you…I’m Quasimototally tired of having bad posture.

Luckily, a new friend of mine I met at my daughter’s tumble class is a sports therapist. I don’t usually ask people advice in their chosen profession. “Um, hi new friend who happens to be a doctor, can you look at this rash?” But in this case, the vision of my newly formed dowager’s hump blocking my usual tact.

While our children tumbled and bumbled together, she gave me her two-cents about the nonsense I had in my head—there’s no hump, but there will be one day if I don’t straight up and sit right.

She gave me a fantastic trick to guarantee good posture. You know…the way you should be standing all the time.

Have your SO (or whomever won’t judge you for asking them to put a target on your back) take medical tape and make a big X on your back, stretching from your shoulders to your lower back. Now when you get out of that posture, you’ll feel the tape stretching your skin.

Would I recommend leaving the tape on for more than a few hours? No. And always do a quick test with your skin and the tape before you do this trick. Welts from an allergic reactions aren’t pretty. If you find that your skin is OK with the tape, try it just for a short time. This way you can start to feel when you go even the slightest bit out of whack.

Stay tuned…on this upcoming Tuesday newsday, I’m going to have a link to a fantastic article that gives you 10 ways to have good posture as you age.

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