Fab Friday – Getting the Most Out of Skin Care Products

January 28th, 2011

I noticed that there are certain days of the week where my skin seems to “accept” things better…moisturizer, foundation, self-tanners (in the summer only…no Snookie-esque cheezy faux tans in this girl’s winter). At these sublime times, produts just go on smoother and seem to work better. bliss Boston’s lead esthetician and nail technician Emily Payne told me why…

Want to get the best bang for the bucks you spend on your products? Then you need to exfoliate your skin! If you aren’t taking that dead layer off, your products aren’t able to penetrate into the new skin hiding underneath. Use a scrub on your body a couple times a week to slough off that dry, winter skin. Daily exfoliation of your face works best. Use a scrub gently on your face; let the scrub do the work, not you! Or, use a liquid exfoliant that contains either alpha hydroxy acids or salicylic acid to break down the skin more gently than a manual scrub. You’ll notice how much better your products work with the new skin revealed!

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