Tuesday Newsday – 25 Years of Style

January 25th, 2011

A good friend of mine is throwing an ‘80s party next month…or she promised to…maybe this post will push her over the edge (the edge of a big giant shoulder pad). I already know what I’m forcing asking my husband to wear—parachute pants (pegged, of course), a nylon Members Only-esque jacket, rock concert shirt and of course…red bandana. Me? There are too many options. Do I go all Material Girl or do I go punk? Still not sure.

Either way, my hair will be feathered. Or at the very least in a banana clip. I might not be able to get my layers to feather. They just might physically object. I wouldn’t blame them.

Back in 7th grade I would wash my hair before bed, take my side layers and roll them into small jellyrolls and bobbypin them to the side of my head. Then in the A.M., I unrolled them and brushed them out. Behold. Feathers with wings! Add giant block-colored eyeshadow and it was a party.

Here’s a great link I found with what was “beautiful” for the past 25 years. I bet our children will look at today’s ombre and think “what the hell” just like we look at our feathered hair and think “what the hell.” Enjoy…

To celebrate ELLE’s 25th anniversary, take a look back at the most memorable hair and makeup looks since 1985 . Read on…

What are some of the crazy styles you’ve had in the past? I would love to know I’m not the only one, so leave a comment please!

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