Tips on Conditioning Your Lashes

December 16th, 2010

All these parties is taking a toll on my eyes. Not only am I carrying an entire set of Louis Vuitton under them every A.M. from going to bed late every P.M. (something I do not handle well), but I feel like I’m constantly glopping mascara on my lashes, then dragging something across them hours later to get it off, losing both mascara and lashes at the same time.

I was just at the derm for my yearly “check this, measure that” mole appointment (have you done yours this year?). I was seriously thinking of asking for Latisse. No, I don’t have that hypotrichosis. I can’t even pronounce. Truth: I used Google to spell it correctly. But I would like the thick lashes of my youth. Naturally. Not like the extensions I once got (see above)…Although I guess Latisse isn’t all that natural, is it. Ooops. Whatever.

Since lashes last three months and then take two months to completely grow back, maybe we should take care of them while we have them. Wear and tear can happen more often than you think…when we rub our eyes, sleep in mascara (the stiffness breaks lashes), wear waterproof mascara (which can be drying) or try to remove long-wearing mascaras. Nevermind breaking the lashes, if you damage the follicle itself (intense eye rubbing), it’ll stop producing hair. Forever. Yikes.

Here are some quick tips to keep your eyelashes in good shape:

  • Use a gentle remover and pat or dab at the lids rather than rubbing or pulling.
  • Never tug at lashes.
  • If you use a lash curler, don’t pull on your lids at all. And for God’s sake, use it before you put on your mascara.
  • If you want to remove clumps from mascara, do it when the mascara is still wet and easy to comb through. Don’t grab them and yank them off (I’ve been known to do this).
  • One easy way to get mascara off I’ve noticed is to do it in the shower. (Sidenote: Actually, doing it in the shower will definitely take your mascara off, but you’ll look a little trashy when you’re done.) The steam will easily lift off most mascaras. Just a light dab when you get out and it’s gone.

Also consider conditioning your lashes. It’ll help stop breakage, so your lashes look longer in a matter of weeks. I’ve heard experts extol the benefits of a simple thin layer of Vaseline or Aquaphor over your lids at night. Sounds goopy, but I’ll try it.

Check out these five mascara tips, for even better handle on saving your lashes.

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