Sunday Savers – Celeb Makeup Artist Debra Macki Saves Your Facebook Photos

December 19th, 2010

I just had yet another round of photos taken that, about an hour later, popped up on Facebook. The event? A simple morning get-together to decorate gingerbread houses with our kids (behold, our masterpiece above). But there they were…photos. They’re everywhere this season. With the constant papparazzi, we’re on alert 24-7 to look at least OK, never mind our best.

This is why I’m thrilled to have a guest post today from Celebrity Makeup Artist, Debra Macki, on how to use makeup for a flawless photo. With Debra’s tips, and a few ideas from former model Suzanne Martignoni on how to naturally pose, we’ll all smile pretty and put our best Facebook faces forward this season.

‘Tis the season for posting that sexy new Facebook photo from your holiday party.  These makeup tips will help you look your best in social media!

Flawless skin- Concealer a touch lighter than your skin will lighten and brighten your eyes.  If you’re covering a blemish on your face, make sure the concealer matches your skin exactly.  Most people need two concealers, but use only one!  Use a foundation that matches your skin exactly and set it with powder to kill the shine for photos. You don’t want shiny skin in photos!  Avoid the temptation to “add a tan” with your foundation.  A light dusting of bronzer will do just fine.  If you try to tan via foundation, you’ll look crazy.  There’ll always be foundation lines of demarcation, and your face won’t match the rest of you.

Defined & blended eyes- Bright eye makeup can make you look like a clown in photos when you aren’t being professionally photographed.  It’s always safe to go with neutral colors like browns and greys.  Blending is key. Blend your contour lines so they fade.  Too much mascara never hurt anybody!  A few coats of mascara will make your eyes stand out more.

Blush- Same goes for blush as eye makeup. Well blended is the key.  Pick a color that your cheeks naturally blush like and blend well.

Lips- Finish off your look with either a natural gloss or bold statement color like red.  A blue-based red is your BFF if you dream of whiter teeth.  It’ll make them look whiter.

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