Fab Friday – Foods to Keep You Calm

December 17th, 2010

With all the holidays upon us, stress is one gift that keeps on giving. And I stress eat. A lot. I’ve decided to find out if it’s possible to destress while eating because of stress. Apparently, you can!

No, there isn’t a food that will make your crazy aunt go away (unless you keep giving her fruitcake each year) or one that will do your Christmas shopping for you, but there are a few that when combined with exercising, might give you a little stress relief.

Behold the Fab Foods of the stressful Holiday season…

Raw Veggies
Ever want to bite someone, you’re so stressed? OK, so that’s only me. And Nicole Kidman. She always looks like she’s going to bite someone. That aside, munching on crunchy foods helps beat stress. They satisfy this urge, while also giving you tons of nutrients with few calories. Think carrots, celery or even raw broccoli florets.

Herbal tea
Chamomile, rose, St. John’s Wart—all herbs that calm freaked out bodies and minds. Steep a bag and then settle down to a nice warm cup of steaming leave-the-world-behind.

Probiotics, the buzzword surrounding yogurts, creates a healthy, calm digestive system. Try a non-fat Greek version, and you’ll get half the protein punch.


Rejoice! Yes, I’m telling you to eat chocolate. This is almost as fun as the time I told you to drink wine for a flat stomach. But research has found that dark chocolate may actually lighten you stress hormone level. And it also makes you happy (duh) via the body’s ensuing release of serotonin. A one-ounce serving is all you need. Sorry.


Slice one up in your AM oatmeal and you’re set for a potassium boost that will keep your blood pressure low all day.

Brown Rice

Having just a cup of brown rice gets more magnesium into your system. This mineral limits your body’s release of that pesky cortisol, a stress hormone that can add extra inches on your waist. (Result: You’re less stressed and you can fit into those skinny party dresses.)

Omega 3 fats in fish like salmon and tuna help to manage adrenaline levels, so you’re calm, cool and collected.

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