Tuesday Newsday – OMG! Chatspeak is ruining our language!

December 28th, 2010

OMG. I have no idea what most people are typing these days. A friend of mine recently emailed me  that she’ll be “OOTO”…what the hell..oh wait, WTH does that mean? Oh wait! Out of the office! ROFLMAO. Good one!

Grammar, usage, and capitalization…those are thrown out of the window in our 140 character world. I have to tell you, it bugs me. LOL. Apparently, I’m not the only one…

As you’re surfing through the Internet to read about Kanye West’s latest outburst, an instant message from one of your friends pops up on your screen: “Hey wat up! Omg I got sumtin 2 tell u lol.” You respond with something similar that reads, “Yo brb I gtg do sum HW.” Basically it translates to, “Hey what’s up? Oh my God, I have something to tell you.  Laugh out loud. Hey, be right back. I have to go do some homework.” Conversations like these exist throughout the instant messaging world. The abbreviations  of words and phrases such as what, you, oh my God, to, be right back, etc., are used  in order to communicate faster. Sometimes when people instant message and text message, they ignore punctuation,  grammar, and capitalization. Senior Daniel Pecoraro believes that this has caused the “devolving” of society. Read more…

What do you think about chat speak and how it’s changing today’s view on grammar?

Photo Courtesy of Gemvara.com.

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