Sunday Savers – Save Your UGGs

November 14th, 2010

Oh, there it is. Winter. It’s on the horizon. I can see it. I have to say, less-than-thrilled about some aspects (read: icy windshields, not wearing heels outside, static head). Super thrilled about others (UGGS!!). I know. UGGs…they are UGGly.

I got my first pair the year they came out. All the celebs were wearing them (with jeans and minis in 75 degree California weather). And they’re still going strong, even though that was six years ago. But according to Dr. Krista Archer, doctor of Podiatry Medicine and an Associate of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (AACFAS), they might not be as strong as I think they are.

These cozy, Australian sheepskin-lined boots surely make winter more ‘doable’, but there are several do’s and don’ts to be aware of when sporting this stylish boot. (Check out my link to the UGG Shuffle issue with knockoff boots).

“Although UGGs are super comfortable for most people, they have little to no arch support and a loose fit, which can cause tendonitis and heel pain among other foot ailments,” says Dr. Archer. “Also, keep in mind, if you commonly go sockless while wearing UGGs, your feet are more prone to skin infections like athlete’s foot and dermatitis. It’s best to wear socks with your UGGs.”

Oops. Mental note. Socks even though they are super fuzzy inside. Gotcha.

Dr. Archer also gave me these easy tips to can keep feet healthy and happy in UGGs all winter long. Even if they are UGGly. Your boots, of course, not your feet. I hope.

Inspect the boot’s interior, including the liner: Look inside. If you have one (mine doesn’t), take out liner. If they’re badly worn (missing fur, stained, dirty, etc.) replacement inserts should be purchased. Spray the liner and interior of boot with anti-fungal spray, and do so at least once a month.

Inspect the boot’s exterior: Inspect at the outer soles, especially the heels. If any part of the heel is excessively worn this can accentuate and aggravate an existing foot deformity. Your best bet is to get a new pair (keep your eye out for the new UGG Australia-Jimmy Choo limited edition boots…that’s one pictured above…oh mama). Treat the outside of the boot with a stain and water repellent. This will prevent a moist interior environment, which breeds fungus.

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One Response to “Sunday Savers – Save Your UGGs”

  1. Lisa says:

    and if your Uggs, in the case of my 8 year old FUggs, smell like the locker room, pull out the Arm and Hammer. I kid you not. A couple of cups of good ol’ baking soda poured right in, let sit overnight (at least), empty, vacuum, and ahhhh. Fresh as a daisy.

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