Fab Friday – Quick Tips Against Dry Skin

November 19th, 2010

Doesn’t take a meteorologist to tell you that the temps are dropping. Which means kicky boots, puffy coats and fantastic dry skin. Pete Ziedzic, owner of Skoah in Boston has these tips for those of us who are about to suffer some winter woes.

Here’s how to fight (and win) the battle against winter dry skin.

  • Easy on cranking the hot water in the shower: On a cold morning, nothing feels better than a piping hot shower.  But that hot water can break down the lipid barrier in your skin, causing a loss of moisture.  You’re better off using lukewarm water in your shower or bath.
  • Switch to more hydrating products: Taking stock of your skin care regimen is a good idea any time the seasons change.  As we head into the colder, drier months, you may consider using a moisturizer that provides a little more hydration for your skin. (I always switch from a light moisturizer to a cream-based one.)
  • Use a humidifier: Space heaters and central heating systems push out hot, dry air into your environment.  A humidifier is a great tool to add a little moisture to the air and keep your skin from getting too dry.
  • Exfoliate: Use a good exfoliator to rid yourself of dead skin cells.  The fresh skin underneath will be ready to better absorb your moisturizer and other products, making them that much more effective. (But don’t over-exfoliate. Twice a week is fine.)
  • Always wear your sunscreen:  This is more of a general reminder than a dry skin tip.  Folks tend to forget about sunscreen in the winter, but the sun’s glare, especially off ice and snow, can be just as harmful as in the summer.  And nothing is better to help prevent aging than daily use of a good sunscreen.
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