Tuesday Newsday – Kids are Back in Black

November 30th, 2010

When I saw that they had toddler “skinny jeans,” I kinda thought that was pretty stupid. I mean, their fat little legs are what we love about them. So why try to make them skinny?

But one thing I know my little fashionista can’t live without…her black leggings. She also has several black hoodies, black sparkly shoes, a black t-shirt with an attached necklace, a black tweed bolero (for business meetings), and a black leather jacket. Her white tutus and pink sparkle headbands of course counteract these.

Why do I like all of these fashions? They don’t seem childlike. Well, here’s why…they go. They go with everything. Her stripy leggings, her crazy sweaters, her insane tights. Black is the new black.

Gone are the days of the puffy pinks and baby blues. Where are our little sweeties? Guess they’re on the edge…of fashion…or so says this great kids article from Boston.com on what’s in plain ole black and white…our kids.

When Kelly Dennis goes out with her infant daughter, she often notices people giving her looks. As in: What kind of a mother are you? Dennis’s crime? Dressing little Willow in the color black. Black skinny jeans, black tops, black boots, black onesies, black yoga pants — she has them all. “I want her to have her own unique style,’’ Dennis said recently as she browsed in a Brookline toy store. Dressed in a long black coat and black boots, Kelly paused for a moment of reflection. “Even if it is my style. She’s a vision of me.’’ While babies have long been swaddled in pink and blue and toddlers in bright colors, black clothing for kids is getting a major marketing push this fall, most prominently at the Gap, where its Bleeker Street Collection featured mini motorcycle jackets, edgy animal print leggings, and dark chunky sweaters emblazoned with skulls and crossbones. Read more…

How do you feel about this b/w transition for kid’s clothes?

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One Response to “Tuesday Newsday – Kids are Back in Black”

  1. Glamamom says:

    I personally don’t like black and gray on children. It’s super stylish but goodness, don’t they have the rest of their lives to dress like adults? My son looks much older than he is but I still dress him like a total baby. He was a lamb for Halloween! There’s such a small window to dress them in pink and blue and happy colors, why not embrace it?!

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