Sunday Savers – Save Your Office Supplies

November 28th, 2010

Boring. Boring. Boring. Sometimes my life is boring.

The other day, in an effort to start the new year off right, I attempted to clean up my home office. You know…the one I never use because the couch is so much more comfortable (said the woman with this posture).

In this cleaning frenzy (OK, to be honest, it was more of a cleaning calm…I was tired), I found an old Dry Erase board circa 2007. Holla! Now I can write all my projects down on an actual board like the grownups do and not on these stupid scraps of paper that I leave lying around. I can’t tell you how many deadline dates have been covered up with Cinderella stickers.

I inspected the board. Scribbled all over were several non-defunct clients (may they rest in peace, except for that one that didn’t pay me…you can go to hell and stay there). I tried everything to get these epitaphs off. First the eraser, then soap and water, Windex, Fantastic, praying. Yes, I prayed. Nothing worked except…

Hand sanitizer!!! I gooped it all over and pouf, they were gone. Easy and peasy.

I told you…boring. But I’m guessing there may come a time where you find an old Dry Erase Board and you don’t want to have to toss it. So there…I helped you out. Come on, I can’t be all glitz and glamour, now can I.

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