Tuesday Newsdays – Diehard Heel Wearers Beware

October 19th, 2010

There was a woman who worked at the same store as 16-year-old Cheryl. I always thought she was so glamorous. At least more-so than the rest of the people who sold stereo equipment at Lechmere’s.

The thing I loved about her…I had no idea she was only 4’10”. She had this amazing wardrobe of high heels.

When I asked her why she always wore heels (I laugh at my younger self…so naïve…why wouldn’t she always wear heels), I didn’t get the answer I expected. She was apparently incapable of wearing flats. Her legs, from wearing heels too often and at too young of an age, hurt terribly when she didn’t wear heels. Apparently she was my first intro into how fashion hurts.

Even though we all know the dangers of the Ugg Shuffle, the glam set also have to be concerned. And this warning goes beyond fancy footwear for pregnant women. According to a new study, extensive high heel wearing can actually shrink the muscles and tendons in your legs, making flats and flip flops painful alternatives. The trick? Flip flop your heel height. Simple enough.

You may want to think twice before strapping on those sky-high Manolos. A new study shows that regularly wearing high heels can cause muscle and tendon changes in your legs — to the point where wearing flats or flip-flops can be painful. Wearing two-inch heels (or higher) five or more days a week shrinks a woman’s calf muscle fibers by 13 percent, on average. It also thickens her Achilles tendon — which attaches the calf muscle to the heel — by 22 percent, according to the study, which was published Thursday in the Journal of Experimental Biology. Read more…

Do you switch up your heels with flats?

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