Top 10 Ways to Look Younger in a Minute

October 21st, 2010

My, how times have changed. Remember when we used to try to look older? Perhaps we even had a piece of identification that let others know how old we were trying to be (not that I ever did that, mom). It was usually do to something we weren’t supposed. And I’m not talking about sneaking in to vote.

These days, we’re scrambling like a mother to fight Father Time. So here are the Top 10 ways to immediately look younger. Now go ahead and vote with careless abandon. Then go have a drink. You’re allowed.

  1. Wear less makeup. There’s a reason we would glop on the eye makeup whenever we tried to have a cocktail before we were 21 (not that I ever did that, mom). Tons of makeup ages you. But don’t go the other way. Not wearing any at all will age you too. Choose light application of neutral colors like bronze, copper, and cocoa with a light sheen.  My favorite is Shiseido’s Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio in Strata. These gorgeous browns just came out for the season.
  2. Scrub a dub. You can unleash your young side (or at least uncover it) with a light face scrub that removes dead skin. Sure you won’t fool anyone that those red cheeks came from an afternoon at the playground, but a healthy glow is always more youthful.
  3. Cut your bangs. Taking your face shape into consideration with this one, full, side-swept bangs hide wrinkles and instantly update your style. My big bang theory? Doing it yourself will be a mistake of epic proportions. Go to your stylist.
  4. Trade black in for blue. Black eyeliner can look harsh, so switch to the softer navy. It’ll brighten the whites of your eyes, which tend to yellow as you age (gross and creepy). Smashbox has a beautiful Indigo Ink in its Limitless Eye Liner collection.
  5. Spritz on a grapefruit fragrance. Women who wear grapefruit are perceived to be 10 years younger, according to a study done by The Smell and Taste Institute in Chicago. Try Lavanila Laboratories’s Vanilla Grapefruit. It keeps the warmth with the vanilla, for the fall, while still boasting youthful citrus.
  6. Curl your lashes. Open up your eyelashes with a curler. Clamp it at the lash line, then gradually pump it along the length of your lashes. And remember, do this pre-mascara or post-curler won’t be very pretty (read: you’ll be reaching for the Latisse). I have always relied on Tweezerman for anything lash related.
  7. Loosen up. Pull back your hair too tightly and not only can we see every line on your face, but you’ll channel a crazy old lady. Try the messy high ballerina bun that’s in style right now to channel your tiny dancer instead.
  8. Volumize. Using mousse before drying/styling gives your hair ageless body without weighing it down.
  9. Switch from lipstick to gloss. Light, shiny colors make lips look fuller. Lips thin with age, so you do the math on this one.
  10. Fill in your brows. Thick brows just look younger (is that why Brooke Shields never ages?). Instead of using a harsh pencil, try a cream shadow in a similar shade of your brow hair.

Did you try to fake your age when you were younger? Do you do it today?

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