Sunday Savers – Save the Doilies for Grandma’s House

October 3rd, 2010

Everybody is always talking about avoiding mom jeans. What about steering clear of grandma’s tablecloth? Yet another important maternal-inspired fashion faux pas. Delicately put, they just blame moms for everything, don’t they?

With lace on the runway for fall, it’s important to keep this trend under control. Here are a few tips…

One lace item is enough for an outfit. Any more is overkill. The rest of your outfit should be a solid pattern with simple texture. This lace vest (above) would be a great addition to your wardrobe, under a boyfriend blazer or with a pencil skirt, but always on top of a plain shirt.

A pop of lace is always a nice feminine touch, and it’s not as intimidating as a full lace piece. You can even mix frill with function with the Lace Boobtube by Miss Oops (above). Available in white, tan and black, it’s a great way to add just a peep of the pretty (while also solving the low-cut shirt issue).

Go for fine lace, since larger patterns can resemble a doily (once again, something to be left at grandma’s house). This French lace mini skirt from J.Crew would look very feminine with tights, flats and fitted tweed blazer.

Lace panels on clothing are a safe alternative to full lace garments. I like this very versatile fitted cardi from Piperlime with front panels of delicate lace.  Perfect with jeans or skirts.

A final tip about accessorizing. Don’t. Avoid wearing jewelry with a lace outfit. Big clunky bangle bracelets overpower the lace’s subtle delicacies, while dainty jewelry can get lost in the design. Let a great purse and pair of shoes do the rest of the talking. But speak up…because grandma might not be able to hear you.

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