Sunday Savers – Save Your Summer Hair

September 5th, 2010

I’m kinda OK with summer being almost over, she said as her area of the country comes off of a five-day 95+ heatwave and a hurricane.

My hair, that’s something else that’s damn thrilled to have the sun chill out a bit. It’s fried. And this is even with my using SPF on it.

I met Dickey (the hair guru behind Hair Rules in NYC) in August, and he had these four tips for quenching post summer hair (complete with a recipe for a scalp saver). It’s very easy to get your locks back, people.

Tip #1: Condition, condition, condition.

Conditioners work like lotion for your hair. Hair is going to be drier than usual following a summer spent in the sun. There’s no such thing as over-conditioning when your hair is really dry. You can layer on the moisture as long as you rinse thoroughly.

Tip #2: Refresh your cut.

Your hair takes a beating during the summer, especially the ends. A fresh cut chops off the fried bits and lets you experiment with trends.

Tip #3: De-stress.

It’s too bad you can’t give your hair relaxing techniques. At the very least, wear it naturally for a while. That means no blow dry, no straight, no hair ties, no product. Your hair, it is naked. If you actually feel naked without product, just choose a very light styling product.

Tip #4 Revitalize.

Post-summer is also great for revitalizing with a deep oil conditioning treatment. Hair Rules offers the amazing Ting Treatment to help overworked scalps and hair, but Dickey gave me this at-home recipe for those who can’t make it to the salon:

Scalp Ting: Mix together pure essentials Grapeseed oil, Tea tree oil (anti-dandruff), Lavender (healing), Peppermint (soothing and energizing), Rosemary (toning and healing), Sweet Orange (anti-stress), Basil (deep cleansing), and Lemon (refreshing, anti-inflammatory and energizing). Let it sit on your hair for 30 minutes and then rinse for scalp stimulation.

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